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Combs Forensics delivers high-value services at some of the industry’s most competitive rates.

Armed with cutting edge hardware and software tools, we are experienced in analyzing, enhancing and authenticating media recordings for presentation in court. New technological advancements assist us in delivering powerful demonstrative evidence and fact based expert testimony.

Audio & Video Enhancement

Audio and video enhancement is the process of cleaning up and enhancing recordings for improved visual and audible quality.

Our specialized lab processes data from sources such as 911 calls, body wire recordings, digital and analog voice recorders, voicemail recordings, surveillance cameras, dashboard cams, cell phone videos, photographs, etc.

  • Remove hum, buzz and static
  • Isolate and amplify speech
  • Stabilize video frames
  • Expose hidden images with adjusted lighting techniques
  • Decrease or remove echoes

Authentication & Tampering Analysis

Using specialized software such as EdiTracker, recorded evidence can be analyzed to determine whether any data has been added, deleted, or altered. All recording devices leave magnetic or digital signatures. Recordings can subsequently be authenticated by isolating and identifying suspicious breaks in both audio and video data patterns.

Voice Identification

Voice identification is used to exclude or confirm a person as the speaker in a piece of recorded evidence. Speech can be compared and analyzed using computer software including Multispeech and VoiceGrid. These specialized tools visually present and graph variables such as consonant patterns and frequencies between two sources. Since each voice is unique, forensic comparisons of speech characteristics can provide conclusions based on proven scientific methodologies.

Other Services

Expert Testimony: Combs Forensics offers expert witness testimony for use in court. Presentations may involve the description of scientific methodologies behind audio and video forensic examination as well as the presentation of processed recorded evidence.

Transcription: Forensic transcription is the process of determining the words spoken on a recording of marginal quality. Transcription often includes preliminary audio enhancement for the purpose of improving speech intelligibility.

Additional services not listed. Please call for details.